Cover image of the Californium video game, showing the title of the game depicted as a a advertising sign

// Californium
// Video game

Californium is a narrative, first person, puzzle game by Darjeeling Production and edited by Arte.

The game was released on Steam in February 2016.

During a 6 months internship I was in charge of the level building, the lighting, the optimisation, the fx and the animations of the game.

>> Assets optimisation and integration
>> Level building
>> Lightning and FXs

Berkeley, 1967. Experience the perils of coming down off acid, a post-breakup bout of depression, and the anguish of a dying career: Welcome to the life of Elvin Green, a science fiction writer in deep distress.

Get ready for a sensory trip that will derail your sense of reality and replace it with powerful hallucinations. You spend your time and money on drugs and cheap alcohol, and are plagued by insomnia and struggles with blank page syndrome.

Vague memories of your wife Thea and your editor Don bleed into each other. Everything you thought was real starts to crumble.