Cover image of the Labyrinth City video game, depicting the three main characters and a harbour city in the background

// Labyrinth City - Pierre the Maze Detective
// Video game

Labyrinth City is an adventure and puzzle game based on the best-seller children book Pierre The Maze Detective by IC4 Design. It was developed by Darjeeling Production and edited by Pixmain.

The game was released on the Nintendo Switch , Steam and mobiles in June 2021.

I was involved in this project from the early stages of pre-production, to the very end and the release.

I was in charge of the assets integration, the level building and of the leading of the art team.

>> Lead of the art team
>> Assets integration
>> Level design and building
>> Additional art and animation

Labyrinth City takes you on a trip through a fantastic world of underground cities, hot-air balloons, tree-tops and haunted houses.

Find your way through each interactive maze, engage with colorful characters, explore hidden pathways, unlock pieces of clues and solve the mystery along the way.


You play as Pierre, Opera City's renowned maze detective, and you must retrieve the Maze Stone stolen by the notorious thief Mr. X!

Without you, Opera City is doomed, as the Maze Stone has the power to turn everything around it into an intricate labyrinth.